Guinea Pig is release ! What can I say about it ?

First. Some Data :

  • People ? 2 : GuillaumeZ and Me
  • How many time ? 1 week, (a short one)
  • Tools ? Unity,, piskel, github, google, paper, brain
  • How many commit ? 120 commits (average 20 a day)
  • How many tester : 2, one of my friend and of course my companion (and she support me)

...ok And what about the Game Making ?

Yes then, it is my first gamejam on Very interesting to see how it works ! 

We managed the resolution limit quickly, but I think they're better way to achieve it.

The game is render in a 640x640 window, I disable the scaling of the window, and all sprites are scale by ten. Then 1 pixel is represent by 10 in the sprite sheet. I round all the position to match with the grid, so no subpixel coordinate. It was the first time I look deeply on how Unity manage the resolution, so I take the easiest and the first way I saw, but if I will not do this again. We lose time to manage and take care of the position...

One things than I'm proud it's the level generator. The levels are made on a 64x64 texture, we read this texture to instantiate the level : here and exemple :

This is the texture : 


And it generate this level (without the player ofc) :

I really enjoy to work on Guinea Pig, and I am thinking to continue the game :)

Enjoy !

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Aug 16, 2017

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